Denny Kercher has been delighting audiences with her uplifting and life-changing messages delivered to groups across the country. Her style is engaging, and her approach is practical, providing audiences with ways to make small changes in their lives to get big results.

Denny is a national speaker combining psychology and business experience and understanding to help people take a proactive and humorous approach to living successful lives. She is a recognized leader and expert in the fields of coaching and mentoring, change management, leadership and finding balance in one’s life and helps people discover their own power for making positive changes.


I’m Juggling As Fast As I Can: Managing Stress, Avoiding Burnout and Achieving Balance

Understand how and why stress occurs and how it leads to total burnout. Learn how to keep stress from consuming you and to balance the different areas of your life.

Am I Having Any Fun Yet? Finding Meaning in Work

With the majority of our time spent on the job, why isn’t it satisfying? Learn how to lighten up in the workplace and how to fulfill your own needs.

Managing Difficult Changes

The one constant of life is change! Although the uncertainty of change can be fearful, learn positive and empowering ways to deal with change and how to make it work for you.

Coaching, Mentoring, and Leading in Extraordinary Times

The changing workforce is challenging the traditional roles of managers and supervisors. Explore how a leader fosters creativity and innovation through the skill of coaching and mentoring and how to create an environment that supports risk-taking and inspiring others to a higher level of personal and professional growth.

Your presentation on Stress and burnout was a smashing success. Thanks for making me a hero for finding you.

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