Organizational Assessment


Denny Kercher has provided management consulting and coaching services to a broad range of clients across the Rocky Mountain Region and around the country. She draws upon her background in business and her work as a practicing clinical psychologist to help clients address organizational issues from a perspective that benefits the needs of the organization and its business objectives, as well as the employees.

Denny's Three Prong Approach

1. Research and Analysis

The first phase includes fact-finding. This takes the form of personal or group interviews to determine what the real issues are.

2. Assessment and Program Planning

In this phase, the client receives a summary of findings from phase one. Each issue or category of concern is matched with a step-by-step plan for resolution. The plan may be as simple as teambuilding workshops for specific groups or individual coaching for team leaders. Or, it may be more far reaching and include recommendations for restructuring, retraining, etc.

3. Implementation and Evaluation

In the final phase, the programs recommended in the previous phase are implemented according to the client’s schedule. A follow-on or follow-up process is often recommended as a means for ensuring success and providing ongoing coaching support or training as needed.

Denny conducted a major assessment of our organization. With her help we were able to isolate and deal with issues that helped our management team operate more effectively. The impact of significant growth and moving from an entrepreneurial to an operations organization was greatly facilitated with Denny’s guidance.

High Technology Company

Denny’s diagnostic work and recommendations have prompted us to initiate leadership development as well as an improvement plan that the Management Council is using as a touch stone to ensure progress in our strategic plan. We’ve also addressed system changes that greatly enhance how we communicate with each other in the organization.

National Research Organization