Denny has worked with a number of clients who have used her as a coach, mentor or counselor to help individuals, executives, and managers within the organization learn the skills of using different management and leadership tools effectively.

The most notable aspect of her work is the use of a critical thinking model to help employees understand and use critical and strategic thinking skills in all of their work. Her work with teams often takes the form of helping a work group or team learn how to set goals and expectations together, and how to communicate more effectively to better understand what it takes to get the job done together.

Denny has coached and counseled individuals within organizations to help them refine leadership or communications skills, goal setting and prioritizing, conflict resolution skills, and a host of other management issues.

Denny has coached a number of groups and staff members within the Accounting Division helping them understand how to work collaboratively to become productive as teams and individuals. The results have been outstanding, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the way in which these employees now approach their work and their commitment to one another.

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