About Denny


Denny’s Book

Denny 0. Kercher, President, has been actively involved in research in the area of understanding the attributes of excellence in leadership and organizations. She brings her years of skills, experience, and expertise to the arena of teaching managers the meaning of excellence in practical and usable ways that can be immediately implemented in the work place.

Denny has also been involved in developing training curriculum in the areas of leadership and management training, as well as developing customized courses and presentations in communication, conflict resolution, team building, and managing stress and burnout to achieve balance.

Denny combines her clinical psychology and business background to quickly understand and evaluate the requirements of any group or individual situation. She is able to take complex ideas of the dynamics of employee behavior and business practices to practical understanding, application. and implementation.

Additionally, Denny teaches graduate courses and shares her knowledge in facilitating the team building process, conducts training seminars and delivers speeches for companies and groups nationwide.

She has over 30 years experience in working with diverse groups in the public and private sector and a vast degree of knowledge and experience in consensus building, dealing with difficult situations, conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation. She has advanced degrees in Psychology, Business and Theology.

Denny is an expert in the area of stress and burnout management. She has given her dynamic presentations for hundreds of audiences and has written a book entitled: I’m Juggling As Fast As I Can: Managing Stress, Avoiding Burnout, and Achieving Balance.